ViaVai’s Manner Peach

August 7, 2014  |  By The International Kitchen
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ViaVai’s Manner Peach

Looking for a refreshing sweet treat this Summer? Try this fruit recipe that’s fresh, easy, and fast. The dish features local ingredients from Piedmont, such as peaches and mint, but it can be made anywhere — as long as the peaches are fresh. In Piedmont, this dish is traditionally cooked in the oven, but Francesca, of our Authentic Experience in Piedmont cooking vacation, has recreated the dish so that it can be made even when its hot out (meaning, you won’t have to turn on that oven!) She’s done so by eliminating eggs and focusing on the sweet, refreshing flavors of the peaches.
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_1 serving_

* 2 ripe peaches (but not too mature)
* 5 amaretti (Piedmont biscuits)
* Cocoa powder, to taste
* Sugar, to taste (Optional)
* A few drops of lemon (Optional)
* Mint


1. Peel the peaches, and then cut them into thin slices.

2. Take the amaretti and chop until they become a powder.

3. In a glass or bowl, alternate the ingredients. Start by putting in the peaches, then layer with amaretti and cocoa powder.

4. If you’d like you can add a bit more sweetness by putting lemon juice then sugar on the rim of the glass as well.

5. Finish the dish with Francesca’s secret ingredient: mint! (During a cooking class with her, the mint comes straight from her garden). When picking the mint, remember to cut plant’s tip to make sure it continues to grow well.

6. Enjoy the dish while it’s fresh!

By The International Kitchen
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