Travel Selfie Tips and Some of our Favorite Selfies

November 16, 2020  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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Photos are almost always better when people are in them too. It not only offers a sense of perspective, but it can show just how much fun you’re having while traveling on our culinary vacation packages, and later help to evoke memories of your time spent there. But what if you’re traveling solo, or want a photo of you and your significant other together? Take a selfie (or self portrait)!

Bordeaux selfie on a wine tour of FranceWhile selfie sticks are not required, they can help to showcase even more of the background. (Just be careful before you take that snapshot, some places like the Vatican and other popular places ban the use of selfie sticks).

If you’d rather not use a selfie stick on your culinary vacation, there are a few tips for achieving the perfect memorable self portrait. For starters, when taking a selfie of your face, lift the camera up so it’s looking down on you — one of the more flattering ways to take a selfie. But also get creative! Selfies just mean that you, in some way, are in the photo, even if it’s just the back of your head; just be sure to face the camera toward the direction you’re facing when doing so. And if you want more than just your face in the view? Set up your phone’s timer and go get into position for the perfect creative shot. Of course you can always ask for help on your culinary vacation in taking the photo too, whether it be from a traveling companion or someone nearby (but always use your best judgement before asking, of course).

Eiffel Tower selfie during a food tour of Paris

TIK Selfies from our Culinary Tours

Since those of us at The International Kitchen are accustomed to traveling on our own or just with spouse/significant other — we often travel solo when scoping out new cooking vacations and culinary tours, or visiting old favorites — we’re old pros at selfies. Back when I was on a wine tour of France, specifically Bordeaux and Cognac, this April, I took a variety of selfies — from the tops of historical buildings to vineyards as far as the eye could see. Or as in the case of the top photo above, a gorgeous lush setting behind a chateau in the Medoc region.

Italy selfie on an Italy food and wine tourOf course selfies are a great way to take a pic of an impressive monument too, like Adrian and his fiancee did when visiting Paris on a culinary tour of France and seeing the Eiffel Tower in the distance. (More about snapping a photo of historic sites to come in this Friday’s blog).

Last but certainly not least, taking a selfie with your significant other is a great way to capture a moment in time — rather than taking a plethora of individual photos of each other! The last photo comes from vice president Peg’s whirlwind Italy food and wine tour this past Winter with her family on an Italy culinary tour, and the photo in particular shows them in Florence.

Where have you taken your favorite travel selfie? We’d love to see them! Share them with us on our Facebook page.

By Liz Hall

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