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November 20, 2020  |  By Peg Kern
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Tour Guide in Hanoi for your cooking vacation in VietnamPart of the success of any cooking vacation with The International Kitchen lies in the hands of our excellent tour guides, those who show you the culture of your host country, and who share a bit of their own lives and history with you. Today we continue our series of tour guide interviews with one of our newest additions, Mr. Hoang Quang Mihn of Hanoi, one of our guides during our Cooking and Culture of Southeast Asia cooking vacation.

When did you become a tour guide? Why did you decide to work in the tourism industry?
I have been working as a tour guide since 2000. I love to travel, I read a lots of tourist books so I want to become a tour guide to promote the country which I am so proud of. And bring the benefits to my company.

How did you learn about the history and sites of Vietnam?
Since I was young, I like to read about Vietnam history. When working as a tour guide, I see and learn more every day, then I search for more information from website and all kinds of travel books and magazines.
Vendors selling fruit on bikes during a culinary tour of Vietnam
How do you get people interested in the places they see and visit?
Before leading people, I myself have to understand the place very well. I try to find out what is the highlight of each places, where is a good spot for best pictures. I try to blend history through culture of each places to share with people.

Where is your favorite place to bring guests, and why?
My favourite place to bring guests is the Temple of Literature [in Hanoi] because whenever taking people there I have a chance to share my passion of history, belief, culture and education system in Vietnam, which make me proud of my country.

Why should people choose your tour/vacation over other trips to Southeast Asia?
The people choose Southeast Asia because it is different from Western culture. We have different ways of beliefs, ways to respect and etc.

Cyclos during your culinary tour in Vietnam Let Hoang Quang show you the beauties of Hanoi during our Cooking and Culture of Southeast Asia culinary vacation! See our website for details, or give us a call: 800-945-8606!

By Peg Kern

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