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December 16, 2020  |  By Peg Kern
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It should not surprise you to hear that at the office of The International Kitchen, we all love to travel. (We all love food, too, of course!) This week we be reminiscing about some of our favorite travel memories, as well as featuring those of some of our clients.

View of the Forum It’s almost impossible to pick one single, “best” travel memory—could you do it? It’s hard even to pick a top memory per country. But the first thing that came to my mind when trying to call up my favorite travel moment was a time watching the sun rise over the Roman Forum. I’d been up all night with friends dancing at a local club, we stopped for the requisite Italian late-night/early-morning breakfast (cornetto—the Italian version of a croissant—and cappuccino), and then climbed to the top of the Capitoline Hill to wait for the morning buses to start running. I’ve seen the sun rise in Rome many, many times, but there was something eerie about watching it come up over the forum, just as people could have watched it do thousands of years ago. (See more of my travel memories, or read about my first trip to Italy.)

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Machu Picchu The awe-inspiring feeling of walking the same steps and seeing the same sight as people who lived thousands of years ago was even stronger for Cory when calling to mind one of her favorite travel moments: “One of my top travel memories is arriving at Machu Picchu. I studied it in school, but seeing it for the first time from one of its highest peaks was absolutely breathtaking. The views surrounding it are amazing and the ancient city is larger than I imagined. I would have been perfectly content admiring it and exploring the ruins all day.”

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For Liz and Richard, the memories are all about the food! “Best cappuccino: in Venice,” remembered Richard, “Standing under a portico in the dark early morning waiting for a vaporetto to the airport.” And his best lunch? “On the sunny seaside terrace of the Carlton Hotel in Cannes. There was another great one at a restaurant on the beach in Barcelona…”

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Visiting Paris on a culinary tour with TIK. Liz reminisced about Paris. “So many of my favorite travel memories are tied to food… especially when it comes to Paris. There was the night, my boyfriend (now husband) and I became friends with the Parisiens at the table next to us, and after a delicious meal they taught us their favorite after-dinner drink: a shot of pear liqeur and an espresso. Or, there was our amazing meal at Le Chateaubriand, where course after course surprised us, and it was the perfect way to spend some quality time together on our babymoon. Or even simply sitting beside the Seine and enjoying a crusty baguette. Ahh, memories!”

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A view of the Roman Forum during a culinary vacation in Italy with The International Kitchen.What are your favorite travel memories? Are they anchored by a memorable meal? By a particular sight, season, time of day? We’d love to hear about them!

By Peg Kern

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