Wine Pairings: What to Serve on Thanksgiving

Roasted turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.You’ve got your table set and your menu planned. The bird is thawing, or brining, or waiting for its turn in the oven. The pies are baked and cooling. Now it’s time to think about drinks, especially the wine.

With an array of food on the table, from sweet potatoes and green bean casserole to stuffing and turkey, you’re going to want a versatile, all-purpose wine with higher acidity and lower alcohol content. (Because, let’s face it, a lot of alcoholic beverages tend to be consumed come Turkey day).

A Thanksgiving dinner ready to eat, served with fabulous wines.Wine Pairings

If you are serving appetizers, kick the day of thanks off right with a sparkling wine toast, perhaps a delightful Vouvray from the Loire Valley, home to come of our favorite cooking vacations in all of France, or a Franciacorta wine from Lombardy?

The main meal may be much more complex, but again, keep wines simple by focusing on wines that match well with a range of dishes. Reds tend to fare better, especially Pinor Noir. But if you have your heart set on whites, opt for full-bodied ones that can stand up to the rich spread of dishes on the table. On the other hand, Rieslings can go well with a variety of vegetables on the table, particular squashes and sweet potato dishes. (And clearly, that’s further proof that a variety of wines can work well for your Thanksgiving feast).

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Homemade pies ready for the Thanksgiving table.Last but most certainly not least is dessert, and when it comes to pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and more, you can’t go wrong with a Prosecco from Italy.

What wines do you plan on serving on Thanksgiving?

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By Liz Hall

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