New France Cooking Vacation Packages

February 20, 2019  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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New France Cooking Vacation Packages

We added more than just cooking vacations to Italy in recent months; we're also organizing some delicious new programs throughout France. From new itineraries with the chefs of Le Calabash in the Loire Valley, to cooking with acclaimed Chef Susan Herrmann Loomis in Normandy, as well as visiting the stunning Bearn countryside, we're excited to offer even more options for your next trip to Europe!

Loire Valley cooking adventures
During some special weeks with Chefs Sidney and Alison, stay in the beautiful Chateau Valcreuse located in La Roche Posay. When you're not perfecting classic French dishes and desserts, you can spend some time relaxing in the spa. Chef Sidney is also offering a unique 3-night master class June 5-8 that is very cooking intensive, which is perfect for anyone interested in an immersion into French cooking.

Michelin star dining in southwest France
The Loire Valley may be known for its chateaux, but large French castles are a part of the landscape in southwestern France too. In our newest French program, stay in a luxury chateau in the stunning Bearn countryside, dine in two 3-star Michelin restaurants, experience a wine tasting, and visit both a goat and trout farm in this unique experience.

Cook with Chef Susan Herrmann Loomis
Back north, Chef Loomis runs a wonderful cooking-intensive program in Normandy. You'll learn a lot about local ingredients as you visit nearby food markets, participate in daily cooking classes, and dine on fabulous food in a charming part of France.

For more information on our new programs in Italy, please see this blog post.

By Liz Hall

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