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The beautiful Chateau of Chambord, visited during a Loire Valley culinary vacation with The International Kitchen.We added more than just cooking vacations to Italy in recent months; we’re also organizing some delicious new programs throughout France. From itineraries in the Loire Valley, to cooking in the French Alps, as well as visiting the stunning Languedoc, we’re excited to offer even more options for your next trip to Europe!

Loire Valley Biking & Food Adventures

Chateau of Cheverny during a French culinary tourExperience some of the most picturesque parts of the Loire Valley – by bike! You can bike past the famed vineyards and stop for tastings, then explore the valley’s many historic chateaux. You do not need to be an experienced cyclist to enjoy this amazing and unique way to explore the French countryside! Plus, with all the amazing food you’ll be eating, a bit of exercise will be a welcome addition to your day.

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View of the mountains during your cooking vacation in the French AlpsCooking in a French Chalet

The Loire Valley may be known for its chateaux, but French Alps are known for the stunning mountain vistas, beautiful villages, and cozy chalets. You can stay at just such a chalet and learn to cook with your hostess, the wonderful chef Nikki, during this amazing cooking vacation.

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Cook with Chef Anne in the Languedoc

The chef leading a cooking class in FranceHeading south, Chef Anne runs a wonderful cooking-intensive program in the Langudoc, which is one of our favorite regions of France. You’ll learn a lot about local ingredients as you visit nearby food markets, participate in daily cooking classes, and dine on fabulous food in a charming part of France.

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By Liz Hall

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Originally published May 24, 2013.

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