How Mother’s Day is Celebrated in Mexico

December 3, 2020  |  By Peg Kern
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Mother’s Day is a special day across the world. This is especially the case in Latin America where mothers are viewed as the glue of the family. Mothers in Latin America are seen as selfless figures, often sacrificing their own needs and wants for her family. It’s no surprise therefore that in a country like Mexico, Mother’s Day, or El Dia de las Madres, is a sacred holiday.

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Chef Ana in the marketMother’s Day falls on May 10 every year in Mexico, no matter the day of the week. If May 10 happens to fall during the week, a woman who is a mother will often take the day off of work and children will stay home from school to spend the day with their mom. Some of the traditions that take place on mother’s day are brunches with the family and/or providing mom with a day of leisure and pampering.

Traditional mole on a culinary tour of Mexico.Sometimes mothers are even invited to their child’s school to celebrate with songs, food and maybe even a spa experience provided by their little ones! Similar to the tradition in the United States, mothers are showered with gifts such as flowers, candy, and cards that express their children’s appreciation and love. Of course Mother’s Day in Mexico is celebrated with traditional foods, similar to the ones made by Chef Ana Garcia of our program Hola Mexico, by Chef Mario of our program Culinary Yucatan, and by Chef Ale of our Cooking on the Riviera Maya.

Enjoying the sunset during a beach vacation with The International Kitchen.Mothers are very important people here in the United States as well. I can’t think of a better gift for a mom in your life than taking her or sending her with her friends on a cooking vacation to Mexico with The International Kitchen!

By Kerry Herbst

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