Favorite France Culinary Vacations: Loire Valley

June 27, 2020  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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Favorite France Culinary Vacations: Loire Valley

In this series of blog posts, TIK founder Karen reminisces about some of her favorite cooking vacations all over the world. Today, she remembers meeting Chef Sidney and Chef Alison of a cooking vacation located in a charming town in France’s Loire Valley.

I must admit, when I first went to meet Sidney and Alison, I was a bit skeptical. Sidney is from South Africa and Alison is from England, and here they are offering French cooking classes.

After meeting them, it took awhile to abate my skepticism, maybe a total of five minutes!! Really, I loved this program from the minute I set foot in their kitchen. Sidney and Alison have incredible professional credentials, including cooking for heads of state and royalty. Sidney, a classically trained French chef, likes to incorporate some of his South African roots, and Alison is a fine and accomplished pastry chef.

These highly successful chefs decided to give up the hotel/corporate/restaurant life and move to a quiet little hamlet in the Loire, start a life with more time for their family, and open their own cooking school.

So, succeed they have, and we are the fortunate recipients of one of the most fantastic cooking vacation experiences. The level of the instruction exceeds what you would find at a professional school as the ratio of teacher to students is two to never more than eight. And the rest of the program is at the same level; charming hotel, fantastic excursions, food tastings, etc. Sidney and Alison are totally involved in all aspects and are devoted to making this the best week ever.

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Meet Chef Sidney and Chef Alison to experience what Karen calls the “best week ever,” complete with unique cooking classes and visits to beautiful small French towns, such as Loches.

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