Amalfi Coast Cooking Vacation: Mediterranean Cooking Experience in Pictures

February 20, 2019  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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Amalfi Coast Cooking Vacation: Mediterranean Cooking Experience in Pictures

When owner of The International Kitchen Karen Herbst first discovered our now best-selling Amalfi Coast cooking vacation “Mediterranean Cooking Experience,” she thought the setting was magical. Once she got to know Chef Carmen, a chef full of love for both food and her students, she knew she’d found a wonderful place that so many people would fall in love with too.

Experience a bit of that magic with some photos from, and some comments about, the vacation, including cooking classes.

On arrival: “We wound up the hill and approached the gates to the hotel.  As we entered and made the turn up the driveway, my breath was taken away.” – Karen Herbst

On Chef Carmen and the Italian cooking classes: “Of course, the element that makes this work is the personal touch. Chef Carmen makes the trip to the Amalfi coast the success that it is. I still hear in the back of my mind her voice saying,“piano, piano,” as we proudly kneaded our ravioli dough!” – Cheryl B. of Georgia

“The entire staff was warm, helpful and a joy to be with. Our rooms were very comfortable and the views were spectacular.” – Vivian B. of IL

On the Amalfi Coast excursions: “We absolutely loved Antonio and Rosa when we were allowed to help make mozzarella cheese and limoncello. Our lunch at their home felt like we were their family. Antonio’s father came out to the lemon grove and let us taste the fresh lemon juice with a little sugar. We purchased the olive oil and had it shipped back. It is amazing!” – Alida of Missouri

On the entire cooking vacation: “I have to tell you that I have traveled a LOT, and we have stayed in the nicest hotels in the world, but nothing compares to this. This is the rarest find, the combination of beauty, comfort and luxury, while still feeling intimate and quaint. Simply put, this trip was a soul awakening and filling experience… The most exquisite experience one could ask for. Everything, the accommodations, the food, the cooking classes, the staff, the wine, the gorgeous grounds and views, is simply perfection!” – Sarah S. of NY

Experience the “Mediterranean Cooking Experience” for yourself! To read more about this program, and to see the hotel’s photo gallery, please visit our Website.

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