A Culinary Vacation in the Loire Valley in Pictures

February 19, 2019  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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A Culinary Vacation in the Loire Valley in Pictures

Travelers are drawn to the Loire Valley for its picturesque scenery and beautiful chateaux. While that’s no exception with our best-selling vacation in the Loire Valley the reason people return again and again are the wonderful hosts, Sidney and Alison, who will make your stay in France a memorable one.

Depending on the week you head to France, you’ll either stay at a charming relais or a beautifully restored chateau, as pictured below among client comments. Sidney and Alison also offer “special” weeks, where you can learn about pastries or Christmas traditions, or spend a week with some new friends during a “Women Only Week.” No matter which week you choose, we promise you’ll have an exciting cooking vacation adventure.

“Sidney and Ali are exceptionally wonderful people and made me feel really welcome in this picture perfect corner of France. I can’t say enough about how well they organized the week – the cooking, the sightseeing, taking into account my likes (goat cheese and Vouvray!) I learned an incredible amount from these highly accomplished chefs who know how to bring it down to the level of a home cook like myself.” – Suchi F. of MA

“It was an absolutely incredible week that I will remember forever… I cannot praise Sidney and Alison highly enough for their effort, friendliness and obvious desire to make sure that we enjoyed every moment of the week. Their skill and experience in cooking is incredible, they have so much knowledge and are both so happy to share what they know.” – Susan S. of Australia

“Cooking time was packed with great learnings and recipes. Also, the outings we had were diverse and well chosen to add a great dimension to our classes. We can not say enough about Sidney and Alison as excellent chefs, teachers, and hosts for our experience.” – Carolyn F. of TX

“I want to thank Karen for recommending this for my cooking vacation… Sidney has such a passion for his profession. His LOVE for food is contagious. Both “Bonds” run an amazing program. They take care of all the details and made traveling alone effortless. I also enjoyed my stay at the Chateau Valcreuse. Caroline and Alexander (and their lovely daughter Florence) have a wonderful bed & breakfast. Peaceful, charming, elegantly decorated and were lovely hosts.” – Teresa S. of Ontario

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Our cooking vacation includes 6 nights of accommodations, wine with all included meals, and entrance into the chateaux you visit, such as the Chateau Chenonceau.

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