What People Say about our Loire Valley Cooking Vacation

February 19, 2019  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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What People Say about our Loire Valley Cooking Vacation

Our best-selling cooking vacation in France has attracted rave reviews over the years with some clients calling it a “dream come true,” and it’s not hard to see why. The program is located in the southern part of the Loire; the area is full of beautiful chateaus and known for some delicious foods, such as bread and goat cheese, and wine. But what makes this trip really special are the two chefs you will be working with, Sidney and Alison, a husband and wife team.

“We can not say enough about Sidney and Alison as excellent chefs, teachers, and hosts for our experience. They clearly love what they do and are consummate professionals in conducting a world class cooking experience,” Carolyn F., of Texas, said.

Mary Dale W. of Illinois agrees: “It’s all about the passion. Not just for the cooking, but also for the teaching, for the people of the region, for the history that surrounds them. It was a nice combination of observation and hands-on instruction, and range of history and food experiences.”

No matter what your level of cooking skill, Chef Sidney and Alison will tailor the French cooking classes to your abilities. “I learned an incredible amount from these highly accomplished chefs who know how to bring it down to the level of a home cook like myself,” Suchi F. of Massachusetts said.

The accommodations for the week, at Relais de la Mothe, are also a wonderful place to stay in the Loire Valley. As Janet G., of Quebec, elaborates, “The accommodations at Le Relais de [la] Mothe were excellent. The personal attention and many acts of kindness from Isabelle made my stay a memorable one. As a solo traveler, I felt that everyone was focused on ‘taking care of me.'”

Of course, while the cooking classes and the hotel are important parts of your trip, you’ll also have some time to explore the Loire Valley. Depending on the itinerary you choose, visitors get to experience a wine tasting, goat cheese tasting, a visit to the market in Loches, and tour the Tours cathedral, just to name a few excursions.

At this French cooking vacation, you’re sure to leave with fabulous memories, just like Brenda P. of Australia, “Picture eight women chatting and laughing as we make the most scrumptious food, then devouring the fruits of our labor in the tranquil garden accompanied by delicious local wines. It doesn’t get much better than that!”

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In 2013, we are offering a variety of itineraries, including their classic 6-night itinerary. Join Chef Sidney and Alison for a Women Only Week, pastry week, Christmas week, as well as for a 3-night masterclass, among others. For more details on all of these options, be sure to check out “tour dates.” As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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