Holiday Culinary Vacations: Discover Traditions in France, Mexico, and Beyond

A bowl of mushroom risotto on an Italian culinary tourAlthough summer is just getting underway, it’s the perfect time to start planning a holiday culinary vacation this Fall and Winter. We’re big proponents of saying that cooking and eating the food of a region is a great way of discovering the culture, and that’s no more true than around the holidays.

Fall and winter mean different offerings at the local markets, not to mention truffle hunts, olive harvests, mushroom foraging, and more. And traveling in the late fall and winter also means fewer crowds and a more intimate, authentic culinary experience.

Travel to Tuscany on a special mushroom and olive oil week.

We have numerous trips that offer special Christmas and New Year’s itineraries, including visits to local Christmas markets. Contact us for details and we’ll help you plan the perfect holiday getaway, complete with amazing feasts. Everyone’s favorite part of the holidays season is the food, after all!

Sugar skulls during a Mexican culinary tour of the Day of the Dead.

For something a little different, you can also experience the Day of the Dead during our culinary vacation Hola Mexico as the itinerary varies based on the season and according to holidays. In addition to experiencing this holiday first hand, the vivacious Chef Ana will introduce you to delicious traditional dishes, and you’ll have the opportunity to explore ancient sites, such as the pyramids of Xochicalco.

These are just two ideas for holiday vacations. Many of our programs are located at hotels that are open year-round. Perhaps head to Norcia for A Food Lover’s Adventure in Norcia, where the season of truffles begins in the cooler months, and you can partake in a truffle hunt. Or, visit Tuscany with Cook Under the Tuscan Sun and learn seasonal dishes in a Michelin-rated restaurant. The possibilities are endless!

By Liz Hall

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Originally published June 4, 2013.

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