Foodie Tours with TIK: Favorite Winter Destinations

Because it’s the end of January and Chicago’s mired in the cold gray days, we thought we’d feature a couple of our best winter culinary tours in today’s blog. These are by no means the only great cooking vacations for winter, but they are where I wish I was going this week!

Dining on the water in MexicoThe first destination might be obvious: Mexico! From the sunny landscapes to the colorful towns and blue waters, it is the opposite of cold and gray. And of course, the cuisine is perfection itself – a blend of fresh vegetables, meats and fish, and complex seasoning that combine to tantalize the palate. Plus, I’m a fan of spicy food in the winter, and although Mexican food does not have to be spicy, it does spicy well! So whether you want a coastal option like Hola Coastal Mexico (limited availability), Cooking on the Riviera Maya, or A Mexican Expedition in the Yucatan, or the charming interior of Hola Mexico, we’ve got you covered.

Read our interview with Chef Ale from the Puerto Morelos.

Number two on today’s list? Southeast Asia. February is a great month to be on our Cooking and Culture of Southeast Asia cooking vacation. The weather in the north, during your stay in Hoi An, might be cooler than you expect, but will still be perfectly pleasant with lots of sunshine and little rain. As you move south toward Saigon the weather will warm but not become oppressively hot.

Ingredients for a Vietnamese cooking class Can’t make it to Southeast Asia this winter? Here are a couple of my favorite recipes to tide you over in the meantime: Vietnamese Eggplant and Hoi An pancakes. Enjoy!

By Peg Kern

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