Our Favorite Ways to Enjoy Chocolate

November 16, 2020  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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Is there really a wrong way to eat chocolate? We think not. But we all have our favorite ways of enjoying the treat, other than all on its own, of course. From cakes to hot chocolate to savory dishes (think chili or even ribs), there are so many ways to enjoy the sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter ingredient.

Delicious chocolate fondant with ice cream made during a cooking vacation with TIK.I asked around The International Kitchen office what everyone’s favorite chocolates are, and everyone had an opinion, although ask again in a week or two and we may have a new favorite! After all, as Karen Herbst says — while she’s currently traveling in France — “Since I’m in St. Remy, I will say Joel Durand!”

Then again President Richard Davis was confident in his response. “Fannie May fruit fudge or French nougat,” he said. “They’re both a small bar shape. The fruit fudge has a milk chocolate covering, and the French nougat has a dark chocolate covering. The fruit fudge is almost like a chocolate-covered fruit cake. I like the combo of textures and flavors… and I love chewy candy.”

Along the same lines, Sharon Kurth loves Fannie May pixies. “It’s been a special treat since I was a kid, as my aunt always gave me them as a gift!”

See some of our chocolate recipes: chocolate fondant, Mexican chocolate ice cream, and Christmas chocolate.

So why does our office have a fascination with Fannie May Candies? Our U.S. office is based in Chicago, and the Windy City is actually home to its share of chocolate production and stores, including Fannie May. I too have fond memories with Fannie May chocolates as my grandma always served them on Christmas Eve!

Drinking chocolateBut that’s not the only chocolate we’re fond of. Adrian Hall’s first response? “Chocolate cake, flourless.” As he says, “It pairs well with espresso. But it has to be intensely chocolate and dense.” But then he remembered his trip to Piedmont. “Oh wait! Nevermind… I only want chocolate in drink form.” (Learn more about the history of drinking chocolate!).

Halloween may be over, but with the holidays approaching, now is also a great time to start thinking about holiday menus. We’re guessing that chocolate may have a role to play in that dessert menu. What’s your favorite way to enjoy chocolate?

By Liz Hall

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