Four of our Most Exotic Cooking Vacation Destinations

Ceviche on a Peru culinary tourWhen The International Kitchen started in 1994, we focused on trips to Italy. And then we expanded to France, and then to Spain. Today, over 20 years later, we’re thrilled to offer destinations all over the world. Here are four of some of our most exotic destinations, and why they’re worth a culinary vacation.

The cuisine of this South American country is some of the most diverse in the world, influenced as it is by everything from the Incans to the Basque, African, Japanese, French, and so much more. Discover these flavors with activities that include a class focused on ceviche, a home-style meal in the Urubamba Valley, and a Peruvian cocktail class. And then walk all that food off with a trip to remarkable locations, such as the must-see destination of Machu Picchu. Other highlights include food walking tours both in Lima and Cusco. Read more about a Taste of Peru.

A view of the sunset in Delhi during a culinary tour in IndiaIndia
The iconic country of India is one of the largest in the world, and its offerings, from north to south, are immense. Visit the bustling metropolises to see the country’s rich history, as well as its more rural areas, where cultural and religious traditions have been in place for generations. We currently offer two tours to this fascinating land, both that err on the longer side, as there’s just so much to see and do!

During our In-Depth Culinary Journey in North India, experience a rickshaw cycle ride through the markets; sightsee in New Delhi; visit La Martiniere School, which is a residential palace; see the tallest clock tower in Asai; take an Awadhi cooking class; visit UNESCO sites, such as the Agra fort; and be a guest at a Royal dinner at Khajoorgaon City Palace. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Highlights of India tour offers a shorter and condensed version of the in-depth tour, but is no less remarkable. From the markets, to the cooking classes, to the luxury accommodations, a trip to India is a once-in-a-liftetime and unforgettable experience.

A dish of Pho on a culinary tour of VietnamVietnam & Cambodia
Over the last couple decades, Vietnam’s economy has grown significantly, in large part due to tourism. And a big part of that is the cuisine — the delicious and complex cuisine featuring all sorts of flavors thanks to the emphasis on vegetables and herbs. Start your tour in Vietnam, traveling through food markets, visiting must-see destinations such as the Ho Chi Minh Memorial Complex, travel the Hoi An River to a unique cooking class, go on a cyclo tour, and travel through the rice paddies to Tra Que Village. But the journey doesn’t end there either!

Cambodia is a land of ancient and awe-inspiring temples. Watch the sun set over the countryside from a temple, tour the national symbol of Cambodia (Angkor Wat), and visit the fortified city of Angkor Thom, sites you’ll never forget. Read more about our Cooking and Culture in Southeast Asia culinary trip.

Vendor selling goods from his cart during a culinary tour of MoroccoMorocco
Africa is one of our most popular exotic destinations: our trips there are already sold out in 2016! But it’s not hard to see the appeal of this trip. Moroccan cuisine is known the world over for its fabulous flavors and international influences. Experience traditional tagines and authentic regional dishes while exploring this beautiful country.

What wonderful exotic destination are you dreaming about visiting?

By Liz Hall

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