Cooking Class Memories: A Day in Rome

We love hearing from our clients when they return from one of our cooking vacations or classes! This particular memory comes from Mary and Chris Berg of WA, who experienced one of our Rome courses.

“My husband and I traveled to Italy in April 2012.  We decided, for our 15th wedding anniversary, to attend a cooking class, Rome Cooking Lesson and Market Visit…  It was so much fun!  We went to the open air marketplace first and picked out fresh vegetables, then went on to a meat shop and bread shop.  It was fun learning what to select and why.

We then went to the chef’s flat and started preparing the food for several delectable dishes.  We rolled out the dough and, seriously, at one point the dough was so long, it took three of us to hold it up while the chef fed it through the pasta roller!  We then prepared cavatelli and ravioli that was delicious. We prepared a yummy bruschetta recipe, while laughing about the different ways in which people all over the world pronounce that word, bruschetta!

During the course of all this preparation, we, of course, had to partake in several wine pairings, because what meal is complete without a yummy glass of wine?  At the end of the class and afternoon, the chef presented us with a package of spaghetti and a whole set of recipes so that we might duplicate the dishes at home.

It truly was a great time and what an experience.  We will always remember our time in Rome and our 15th wedding anniversary!  Plus, if we were ever back in Europe, it would be something we would most certainly repeat!

Thank you to the chef and The International Kitchen!”

During a Rome cooking class, you can learn the secrets of Italian cuisine from either home cooks or professional chefs, tour the famous city, and head out into the Lazio countryside to see another side of Italy!

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