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Soupe au pistou as made on a Provence food tour and Provence culinary vacation
Sep 10, 2019

Pistou or Pesto?

What is pistou, how is it made, and is it different than pesto? Pistou is derived from the more known Ligurian pesto, but it is made without nuts. A cold condiment made of crushed or chopped basil and garlic mixed with olive oil, often with a hard cheese such as parmesan, pistou is a popular […]

Enjoying baguettes on a French culinary vacation.
Aug 29, 2019

What Is a Baguette? Plus a Baguette Recipe

Bread is a staple of many destinations we offer for our food tours and cooking vacations, and perhaps the best examples of this are France and Italy, where bread making is a true art. In France, the classic and famous baguette is perhaps one of the most instantly identifiable culinary products in the world. So […]

Eating gelato on our Italy food tours.
Aug 19, 2019

Eating Gelato in Italy

Gelato is one of our favorite subjects, and we get questions about it frequently on our Italy food tours, such as, is gelato the same thing as ice cream? Where can you find the best gelato in Italy? And what are the most important flavors to try? Because, let’s face it, most of us won’t […]

A plate of traditional carbonara on a Rome food tour.
Aug 13, 2019

What to Eat in Rome

If you’re exploring Italy on a Rome food tour, chances are you love Italian food. Traditional Roman cuisine has some of the most quintessential of Italian dishes, and they are there to enjoy on our best food tours in Rome or during our hands-on cooking classes in Rome. After decades of traveling to Rome (not […]

Aug 06, 2019

History of Gazpacho: Spain Food Tours

We have tasted some amazing gazpacho recipes over the years, recipes that we’ve learned during our culinary tours in Spain. But what is gazpacho? Just a cold tomato soup? Or is there more to this refreshing summer dish? Gazpacho comes from the south of Spain in the Andalusia region, but by now you can find […]

The famed Francesinha sandwish on a Porto food tour with The International Kitchen.
Jul 23, 2019

Five Things to Eat in Portugal

Portugal is one of Europe’s hottest destinations (find out why!), and it is growing in popularity each year at rapid rates. And it’s no wonder! It is a wonderful, sunny country full of interesting things to see and amazing things to eat on a Portugal food tour. If that wan’t enough reason to visit Portugal, […]

Delicious prosciutto on our Italy food tours and cooking vacations.
Jul 18, 2019

The History of Prosciutto

Where ever you go on an Italy food tour, you are sure to encounter prosciutto, that lovely white-edged pink ham, thinly sliced, so tender and so full of earthy, salty-sweet flavors. You will find a version of it in every region. It is served by itself, with melon, on sandwiches or crostini, stuffed in pastas, […]

Onion soup made from fresh bone broth on a foodie tour
Mar 26, 2019

Food Traditions: Bone Broth

Our foodie tours and cooking vacations take you into the culture of food, from regional dishes to dietary traditions. One tradition that spans most of the destinations where we offer foodie trips is the tradition of making bone broth. Bone broth is all the rage in culinary circles, but it’s hardly a new fad. I’m […]

Pizzoccheri pasta made on our culinary tours of Italy in the Valtellina Valley
Mar 20, 2019

Foods of Lombardy on a Culinary Tour of Italy

Visit Lombardy on a culinary tour of Italy with The International Kitchen and learn about local specialties and gastronomic delights. Lombardy is one of our favorite destinations for a culinary tour, not only because of its amazing food and culture, but also because it is a bit less known to US travelers, and therefore provides […]

Traditional Spanish tapas on a foodie tour in Barcelona
Oct 23, 2018

How Do You Eat Tapas in Barcelona?

How do you eat tapas in Barcelona? It’s super easy, especially in a cosmopolitan city where most of the waitstaff speak multiple languages, including English. There are different types of tapas, all of which you can enjoy on a cooking vacation and foodie tour of Barcelona, including: pintxos tapas frias tapas calientes montaditos bocaditos See […]