Bordeaux Cooking Vacations, Wine Tours, and So Much More

December 14, 2020  |  By Peg Kern
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Bordeaux wine tours are one of the great attractions to visiting the Southwest of France — which is why we offer such culinary vacations as Best of Bordeaux, during which you can meet winemakers and taste amazing wines — but it isn’t the only reason to visit.

Southwest France Cooking Vacations and Wine Tours

The city of Bordeaux was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, meaning its a beautiful place rich in history. From its 18th century architecture and gardens to the area’s natural wonders, such as the Landes forest and miles of vineyards, Bordeaux is a stunning place with more than 350 historical monuments. Clearly the city is an amazing place to explore, especially since the city center’s narrow streets are often dedicated to pedestrians!

As for the region of Bordeaux, it is full of gastronomical delights, like foie gras, Basque country pork, oysters, cheese from the Pyrenees, and chocolates. But of course, there’s the wine too, and Bordeaux is full of it, since it is the largest producing — and some say the best — wine country in the world. While the region mainly produces red wines, which you can taste during our French cooking vacations, they also produce some wonderful white wines as well.

During The International Kitchen’s Cooking in Gascony culinary vacation, you can experience the many flavors of this rich gastronomic part of France, and learn to pair dishes with Bordeaux wines during the intensive hands-on cooking classes.

Discover Bordeaux wines. 

For those looking for a more in depth wine tour, our 5-night food and wine vacation Best of Bordeaux includes a plethora of amazing excursions, along with time to explore Bordeaux, its wines, and the surrounding wine regions.

Enjoy a recipe for duck breast in Bordeaux wine sauce.

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