Our Bestselling Amalfi Coast Cooking Vacation in Recent Travel Book

The book 65 Things To Do When You Retire: Travel recently hit stores, and it features essays from the likes of Andrew McCarthy, George M. Taber, Lynn Martin, and 62 others, including founder of The International Kitchen, Karen Herbst.

Amalfi Coast Cooking VacationIn her essay, Karen talks about what activities make up a cooking vacation. “To call them cooking vacations is almost a misnomer,” she writes. “Sure, you do learn to cook the regional cuisine of the area of your choice, but this is really a cultural vacation. With roughly one week to spend at one of these programs, cooking and eating is the quickest and most surefire way to connect with the people, learn about their local culture, make friends, and come away with memories you will cherish forever.”

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A junior suite at the villa where you stay on your culinary tour of ItalyShe shares some of her own memories, particularly of one of her favorite culinary vacations, Mediterranean Cooking Experience, on the Amalfi Coast. “There are places where you go that have such a magical quality that you cannot convey it in words; it requires the actual experience of being there. For me, this is such a place, and I feel the magic every time I am there.”

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To read more about Karen’s “enchantment” with this program, as well as a number of other fabulous trip ideas, pick up a copy of “65 Things To Do When You Retire: Travel.” All royalties go toward cancer research and prevention.

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By Liz SanFilippo Hall

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Originally published April 3, 2013.

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